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BTCC Brands Hatch Test March 2020

After two days testing in varied weather conditions, Aiden and the team came away on a very positive note and a lot has been accomplished. On an engineering side we now understand the new car a lot more and this enables us to move forwards really well. A lot of technical data has been gained and through a carefully managed series of tweaks and changes we can see how everything interacts. Remember, three days ago, the cars hadn’t turned a wheel from being built!

From a driver’s point of view, you can have all the technical data you want, but it is as much how the car feels that gives you confidence and in the end pace. Clearly for Aiden these last three days have been full on with lots of different set ups to cope with and lots of valuable feedback to give to the engineers and team. Thankfully, Aiden seems very satisfied with the work put in and the results coming back.

Aiden commented: “For a car with only three days use I have to say the team have done me proud. We are getting lots more out of the chassis now and given how good that chassis is, well let’s just say things look very promising indeed. I am finding a lot of things to like about the car already and that can only improve as we go on. It feels like a true racing car already and that in itself a testament to the hard work the team has put in. I got asked for any negative thoughts last night and I think I only had one. One of the front bumper stripes doesn’t exactly meet where it goes over the towing hook panel. Apart from that I think we are all good!”

The team would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support and we will keep you informed of developments going forward.
20 Mar 2020